Conferences in Chandigarh: Where Business Meets the Extraordinary

Chandigarh, a city known for its urban design and natural beauty, sets the stage for extraordinary meetings and events. From the well-planned cityscape to the lush green surroundings, Chandigarh offers a picturesque backdrop for gatherings of all kinds. Its modern infrastructure, combined with the charm of the region, makes it the perfect choice for hosting business events and conferences. Experience the synergy of business and leisure in a city where every occasion transforms into an exceptional celebration of success.

A front view of a conference hall with multiple chairs occupied by poeple Sun Park Hotel & Banquet, Chandigarh - Zirakpur

Elevate Your Experience

Experience meetings and events in style at our exclusive venues. From boardrooms designed for intimate discussions to grand ballrooms ready to host up to 400 guests in a theater-style arrangement, our versatile spaces meet your every need. We offer cutting-edge technology to ensure seamless presentations and connectivity. Reach out to us at or call +91 92 1604 7153 to explore our conference packages and design your perfect event.